Specialty Beer


Domino Theory

Submit to Domino Theory, our American Sour fermented with sweet cherries and aged in red wine barrels. Once its soft sourness and subtle wood notes overrun your capitalist sensibilities, give it to a friend, and then their friend, and then their friend…

6% ABV – 18 IBUs


Piñata Reposado

Cerveza, por favor? Bust into our barrel aged collection with the tequila barrel aged Gose. Hints of sea salt, lime fresco and oak evoke flavor reminiscent of a perfect golden margarita.

7% ABV – 7 IBUs


Full Star – Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple

We once had a five star friend give our favorite fall seasonal a half star review on a beer review platform. Naturally, we decided we must remedy this situation for our beloved critic. So, we aged this spiced apple sour in bourbon barrels for three months to give it a smooth, oaked, apple-cocktail vibe worthy of at least a full star, if not five of them.

8% ABV


Accent Aigu Mk3

Saison brewed with Chardonnay grapes, aged in a White Wine barrel with Pears and Brett.

8% ABV – 10 IBUs


Double Barrel Sheriff

Big, Bold and Smooth Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout.

7.5% ABV


Accent Aigu – Rosé saison – 8.1%

Our Rosé saison oenobier derives its winelike, fruity and floral notes from a combination of saison yeast, chardonnay grapes and hibiscus. Soft fruit flavors brighten the dry finish, showcasing the best qualities of Belgian beer and wine alike.

Newton’s Revenge – Apple Pie Sour- 7.5%

This sour graf (cider-beer hybrid) balances tart apple from apples and lactobacillus fermentation with an autumnal palate of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. Refreshing enough for the beginning of autumn and warmingly spiced enough for cold fall nights, this is one of our favorite seasonals.

Rotating Hazy IPA

Included in our lineup is a rotating selection of fruited, Hazy IPA. Despite being a consistent crowd pleaser, you’ll rarely encounter the same blend of fruit against our juicy hop canvas twice! Look for the Always Go Left, Haze Daze, and Hazy Diver as our base Hazy IPAs with rotating fruit on draft!

Breakfast Stout
A Shot Too Far – 5.0% / A Shot Way Too Far – 7.5%

Made with cold brew in collaboration with Steamboat Roasters and cacao nibs our oatey, smooth stouts will have you wanting beer for breakfast!

Blackberry Fields Forever – 3.5%

Naturally gluten free, our dry sparkling blackberry lemonade seltzer is both a refreshing alternative for dietary restrictions as well as for those seeking a lighter bodied, fruity selection!